Protection of landscape character is defined as general protection and, as such, it is valid on the whole territory of the Czech Republic. More attention is paid to it in Protected Landscape Areas in order to protect the harmonious character of the cultural landscape and to regulate various investment projects. The NCA is competent to grant approval of constructions (or too not approve) and does so in the case of other activities that could harm or change landscape character.

Territorial system of ecological stability

The Territorial System of Ecological Stability (TSES), as defined in Czech Act No. 114/1992, is a mutually interconnected complex of both natural and near-natural, altered ecosystems that maintain natural balance. Its main purpose is to reinforce ecological stability of the landscape by conservation or restoration of ecosystems and their mutual interconnection. In other words, TSES forms green infrastructure in the landscape. It is formed by biocentres and biocorridors. TSES plans are developed for the entire territory of the country. They serve as documentation for TSES projects, land consolidations and land replotting, processing of territorial planning documentation, forest management plans, water management documents, and other documents regarding protection and restoration of the landscape.

TSES categories according to significance

Supraregional TSES
These are vast (at least 1000 ha) landscape units and areas of ecological significance, forming a network providing conditions for the existence of characteristic coenosis together with complete biota biodiversity in the context of a certain biogeographical region.

Regional TSES
These are landscape units and areas of ecological significance (minimum area of 10-50 ha). A network of these units must represent a diversity of biochore types in the context of a certain biogeographical region.

Local TSES
These are small landscape units of ecological significance (area about 5-10 ha). A network of these represents biogeocoenosis type groups in the context of a certain biochore.